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Site Location Manager

Position:  Site Manager

Commitment:  Full Time, 45-55 hours per week

Qualifications:  High School Diploma, Self-Leadership, High Functioning Self-Emotional Control 
Compensation:  See Chart Below
Training Schedule:  4 weeks


General Job Description:  

  1. Safeguard the sustainability of the company.  (Staffing, Equipment, Revenue, & Profits)

  2. Ensure team members have the knowledge to succeed in a safe, fulfilling, exciting, and well lead environment.   Train, manage, and lead.  Create a culture of constant and never ending learning coupled with the culture to ensure every customer and employee is leaving eager to return.

  3. Ensure customers are receiving the Royal Car Wash brand, service, efficiency, and wash quality

    1. Brand:  The property looks pristine driving in,  roadway, cones, signs and terminals are clean, and customers are being greeted with a smile.

    2. Service:  Customers needs are being anticipated and exceeded.

    3. Efficiency:  Customers feel as if their time is being respected.  The queue is always accurate, and cars are being processed quickly and safely without any wasted gaps.

    4. Wash Quality:  Cars are being prepped correctly, entered safely, washed completely, and dried properly.

  4. Maintenance - Maintain, repair, clean, and replace, anything on the property that is not contributing 100% towards the brand of the company.   Use intuition and experience to anticipate future maintenance challenges. 

  5. Paperwork – Ensure all paper work is completed, updated, and processed quickly.

  6. Marketing – The most efficient marketing is word of mouth; ensure every customer exits the property a raving fan of the brand.

Site Manager Compensation Summary Oct 15
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